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Below are some stunning transition photographs of a 2000 Graft FUE Case handled by Dr.Jones.

Amazing Hair Density Improvement!

The photographs have been taken periodically after the procedure. As obviously visible from the after images, the hair growth has significantly improved and coverage is a lot better on the crown and the temple areas of the patient. The second set of before and after images are super reflective of the tremendous improvement of hair density after the procedure!

No more pain of losing hair everyday!

Dr.Robert Jones completely understands your pain of losing hair and the way the hair loss issue impacts the quality of your life and is dedicated to the field of Hair Transplantation and is a very reliable provider of high class and superior Hair Transplantation and Hair Restoration services. All of our treatments are custom tailored to fit the patient’s needs. Imagine getting your hair back and getting back to your normal lifestyle without having to spend another minute of time worrying about your hair! Yes, we at TorontoHairTransplantCenter are here to help you right now! You no longer have to suffer in silence. Hair loss need not be a barrier anymore to your social, marital or personal life.

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About the 2000 Graft FUE Procedure

In the 2000 Graft FUE Procedure, Dr.Jones uses 2000 grafts to achieve a natural hairline and look and an improvement in the overall hair density. The implanted grafts along with the pre-existing hair of the patient provide a fulfilling look. Upon examining the before and after images, you can see that there is a noticeably improved hair coverage in the front near the temples, crown as well as the back side of the head.

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Questions? Not sure if you are a candidate for a Hair Transplant? Call us today and we will be glad to help! We will be happy to assist you and schedule your initial appointment with Dr.Jones. Don’t wait any longer – a great looking hairline does make a lot of difference in your life. Contact us now!

Dr. Robert Jones

Dr. Robert Jones is recognized worldwide as an innovator in hair transplant techniques. He is a medical professional whose commitment to providing a high-quality surgical outcome is paramount.

He has been practicing medicine ever since earning his degree in 1979 from McMaster University’s Department of Medicine. He also took continuing education courses in cosmetic laser surgery at both Harvard and Loyola Universities.

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