Hair Growth Cycles and Restoration Options

When it comes to hair loss it’s important to understand the hair growth cycle. By having a detailed understanding of the systems our follicles have in place we can better recognize and understand the problems associated with hair and hair loss. To begin, lets discuss the hair growth stages – anagen, catagen and telogen.




Every month your hair grows around an inch and a half, and believe it or not it moves faster in the summer than in winter. The growth phase, also known as the anagen phase, lasts between 3-5 years. Another surprising fact is that this phase is generally longer in Asians, and can last as long as 7 years.


At the end of the anagen phase, your hair enters the catagen phase. This transitional phase is short and lasts about 10 days.


In the final stage of hair growth, your hair enters the telogen phase, a resting phase when your hair is released and falls out. The follicle is then dormant for 3 months and the process is repeated. Each hair follicle goes through the growth cycle at a different pace, and if this system wasnt in place naturally, its safe to assume that all your hair would fall out at once. Instead, most people only shed a certain number of hairs a day – between 80 and 100.

Hair loss, hair thinning and problems with hair growth occur when your growth cycle is disrupted. This can be triggered by conditions such as metabolic imbalances, illness or improper nutrition

What Can You Do About Hair Loss?

Hair transplants can be very effective and can also look extremely natural when done by an experienced doctor. The good thing is that if you are a good candidate, the new hair is permanent. There are also non-permanent and non-surgical options, as well as other proven methods of hair restoration such as PRP Treatments and the Capillus LaserCap

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