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Dr. Robert Jones Blog

Can new grafts destroy my old transplant?

QUESTION: Hi Dr Jones I have had two hair transplants in the past.  The second one was 6 months ago and my doctor has suggested that I get additional grafts in the temple area.  I am wondering though if these new grafts could destroy by way of shock loss the newly...

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If I shave my head will the hair grow back thicker?

QUESTION: Hi Dr. Jones,  If I shave my head will the hair grow back thicker?  My wife says it will, just like her leg hair grows thicker after each shave.  Is this true?  Thanks! ANSWER:  No no, it’s an old wives’ tale !  Shaving your hair will not make it thicker or...

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Can hair be transplanted from another donor?

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Jones, What is the reason that hair cannot be taken from another donor? I know that for organ transplants recipients take anti rejection drugs. Are similar drugs available that could be useful for hair transplants? ANSWER: For any organ transplant...

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How is a hair transplant a permanent solution?

QUESTION: Hello. I was wondering what causes a hair follicle to fall off? I was told that it had to do with DHT being produced by male hormones, and accumulating at the bottom of the hair follicle. But If this is the case won’t DHT continue to accumulate after hair...

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