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FUE TRANSPLANT PATIENT TIMELINE – We’ve been following this case for the past month and a half. The transplanted hair has completely healed and the patient is starting to feel the stubble from the new growth coming in. Don’t forget this is a plug repair case so the new hair should conceal the plugs (done at some other facility) in the forelock.

Here’s the patients report of how the new hair feels:

Hi Dr. Jones,

The initial shock of the new follicles seem to have passed now (fallen off) and beginning to notice very small stubble like new hairs in some areas. You can see these in the pic as the black dots in some areas.

Also when I run my palm from front to back, on the top of my head, it feels like I am going against some stubble. Hard to see in the pics, but exciting to feel this!!

As you mentioned, will start to notice the new growth in 3-4 months.

Also, beginning to see the small black stubble dots (new hairs) growing in the scar region.

Been keeping hair short as this is my preferred length for now.


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CASE STUDY - hair transplant

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