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Contact the team at Toronto Hair Transplant Centre to learn all your options. Submit your photos with the form below to review your case today.

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Toronto Hair Transplant Centre

Dr. Jonathan Huber
435 Reynolds Street Suite 206
Oakville, Ontario
Canada, L6J 3M5

Phone: 8777894247
Fax: (905) 815-1745
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Let us start your no-cost case review.

Dr. Jones will meet with you in person or review your photos online to get your case evaluated and moving forward. It’s the fastest way to get a professional opinion of your hair loss solution.

You can send Dr. Jones an email at Please include your age and the degree of your hair loss. You may also attach photos.

To contact Dr. Jones by phone, please call 1-877-789-4247. If you get an answering machine, please leave a message, and we will get back to you shortly!

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Any information you choose to share with Dr. Jones will remain completely confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone.