Dr. Robert Jones New Organic Products (Vegan Blend)

vegan shampoo and conditioner

In response to questions from patients regarding which shampoo and conditioner they should use, Dr. Jones has developed his own. Free from synthetics, chemicals, and petroleum products, Dr. Robert Jones Organic Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for keeping your hair thick, full, and healthy looking. It is especially effective for those individuals dealing with rapidly thinning hair. 

Dr. Robert Jones will donate a portion of the profits to environmental groups, and the eco-label is printed on 100% tree-free stock made from crushed rock. 

These products are certified vegan-blend.

Dr. Jones organic shampoo

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About the Author
Dr. Jones is recognized worldwide as in innovator in hair transplant technique. One of the earliest adopters of FUE, Dr. Jones has amazing experience and a reputation for results. Use the form below to ask Dr. Jones your questions and send photos from your mobile phone for a no cost consultation.

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