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There is a solution to hair loss: one that is quick, easy, permanent, undetectable and natural… a logical approach to re-gaining your good looks, your youthful appearance and your confident style. It is natural process of hair restoration where we use proven techniques to re-distribute your existing hair to the thinning or bald areas, creating a lasting, new look that is customized just for you.

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You know the feeling. When you lose your hair, it’s like losing a part of your life. A part you’d…Read More

Celebrity and Executive Hair Transplants

The professional services offered by Dr. Robert Jones can accommodate the busiest of schedules…Read More

Non–Surgical Hair Restoration

If you are searching for the right approach to hair restoration, you have, I’m sure, noticed some…Read More

Scar Repair

Depending on the type of hair restoration technique performed, the physician’s experience…Read More

Scar Reduction With Botox

Wide donor scars from previous transplants are a problem all hair restoration surgeons…Read More

Scar Repair Using Acell

A biotechnology company called ACell has created a product that regenerates the skin of scars…Read More

Acell Scar Repair Patient Journal

The patient is a 41 year old male who had numerous previous surgeries and bad scarring…Read More

Surgical Hair Replacement Options

It wasn’t until 1995, about the time I started performing transplants, that the hair…Read More

The Jones Technique

Dr. Jones is among the first physicians in North America to Add Micro Follicular Unit…Read More

Trichophytic Closure Works

For strip incision hair transplants, the use of trichophytic closure minimizes the…Read More

Ultrafine Grafting Technique

Doctor Robert Jones uses the ultrafine grafting technique for hair transplants…Read More

“I had my procedure in April 2014. I’d wanted do something to handle my thinning hair for many years and was considering a hair transplant, but was too nervous to do so until my family doctor gave me an excellent reference for Dr. Jones.”

Real Patient Results

33-year-old male with 200 grafts, before and after one year

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Stressed About Hair Loss?

Stress And Hair Loss The modern world sometimes feels like it been specifically designed to cause the people living in it as much stress as possible. Early man probably did have it harder, I mean let's face it if anyone of us had to face down a sabre tooth tiger we’d...

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