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FUT/Strip (Follicular Hair Transplant)

Strip surgery can often achieve a extremely large number of grafts in a relatively short period of time. Though this procedure leaves a scar across the back of the head it is one of the best ways to quickly get a large number of healthy grafts. We have a huge library of results on our site. Check out all our work and see what procedure is right for you.

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FUT/Strip (Follicular Hair Transplant) Strip Surgery

Focus on FUT

Strip surgery can often achieve a extremely large number of grafts in a relatively short period…Read More

Top Ten 3500 – 4500 Graft Cases

Below are the top 10 – 4000 graft cases that Dr Jones has worked on. As you can see the results…Read More

1500 Graft Cases – 1500 Unit Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation is where circles of skin from the back of the scalp are excised as…Read More

“I went to see Dr. Jones about 8 months ago and he completed a transplant of 4000 graft FUE. The first time I went to the clinic I was nervous and did not know what to expect but he answered any questions I had and made me feel comfortable. The day of the surgery everyone was very friendly and helpful. The surgery went very well and 8 months later \i have new hair growth and greater confidence in myself. Thanks to Dr.. Jones and his team!!”

Real Patient Results

Before and after 2 large strip procedures

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