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There are thousands of hair transplant providers in the market, how do you judge the quality of a hair transplant facility or a hair transplant surgeon? Patient testimonials, before and after photographs of patients, client letters, videos of procedures, the physician’s interviews and the overall online presence of the facility play a major role in influencing your decision in the selection of your hair transplant provider.

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Real Patients – Real Results

There are thousands of hair transplant providers in the market, how do you judge the quality…Read More

Fixing a Bad Hair Transplant

Dr.Jones has performed a number of hair restoration surgeries whose intention was to correct…Read More

Getting A Natural Result

Dr.Jones’ in depth knowledge and wide experience in the field of hair transplantation prompted…Read More

Quality Transplants – Reasonable Prices

Dr.Jones offers hair transplant and hair restoration services at reasonable pricing. Approximate…Read More

Patient Infographic

We love our new Hair Transplantation Tmelines. They let you really see a normal hair transplant…Read More

“Dr. Jones made me feel extremely comfortable and welcome. He is kind and thoughtful, and is very responsive to questions and concerns. He is exceptionally good at what he does, and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering hair transplant.”

Real Patient Results

40-year-old male with 3,700 grafts, 1 year post-operative

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Stressed About Hair Loss?

Stress And Hair Loss The modern world sometimes feels like it been specifically designed to cause the people living in it as much stress as possible. Early man probably did have it harder, I mean let's face it if anyone of us had to face down a sabre tooth tiger we’d...

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