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Hair Restoration Physician Training Program

We’re on the leading edge of hair transplantation technology and innovation. Physicians from all over the world visit the practice to learn our techniques and study with Dr. Jones. Are you considering hair transplantation training? Contact Dr. Jones directly and we’ll set up a time for you to come in and work with our team. It’s a great way to radically improve your technique and see our facility in action.

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Dr. jones Hair restoration training program

Attention doctors! Are you interested in offering high-quality hair transplants to your patients? Do you want to master the most modern and sophisticated techniques for hair transplantation that provide proven results to your clients? Your search ends here – Dr. Robert Jones, one of the pioneers in the field of hair transplantation, offers a full-service training program to assist doctors in setting up their own hair transplantation service centers.

Dr. Jones is one among the most experienced FUE physicians in North America and offers FUE training, as well as training in the Jones Technique (which he pioneered), and this training is of immense value to physicians interested in setting up their very own hair restoration centers that can provide quality services to patients with hair loss.

Here are the highlights of Dr. Jones’ hair restoration training program for physicians:

  • Three days of on-site training at Toronto Hair Transplant Centre for one physician, as well as one staff person who works for the physician
  • Guidance and advice to set up your own clinic that offers hair restoration treatments.
  • List of equipment necessary to perform hair restoration procedures at your clinic
  • Support through telephone and email for up to 1 year following the training

Our Successful Case Studies


4500 grafts – 42 year old male

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Brilliant example of a restoration of the crown!

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4025 Grafts – Hair Restoration in 48 Year Old Male

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What can you expect to master in the training program?

  • Great opportunity to observe several FUE surgeries, including head, chest and underarm hair transfer performed by Dr. Jones
  • Perform several 2,500 graft FUT strip – dissected under a microscope and densely packed into lateral slits at 50 grafts per centimeter squared
  • Methods and techniques to be able to perform FUE immediately on return of the physicians back to their practice

Several physicians from Europe, Asia and the Americas have attended the 3-day intensive hair restoration training from Dr. Jones and have immensely benefited from it. The cost of the training is more of an investment for the physicians which will help them expand their practice areas, and the cost pays for itself even within their first week back to work. The doctors who have attended the training have left excellent feedback about the program, and are very thankful to Dr. Jones who has made it possible for them to excel in the field of hair restoration.

Are you considering hair transplantation training? Contact Dr. Jones directly and we’ll set up a time for you to come in and work with our team. It’s a great way to radically improve your technique and see our facility in action.


Im happy I choose Dr. Jones to do my FUE procedure. My transplant went smooth with 3500 grafts and Im happy with the results so far. Im thankful to doctor jones and his team.


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Real Patient Results

40 year old male – 3000 grafts, Forty year old man 3000 grafts in one sitting before and after 8 months

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