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Meet Dr. Jonathan Huber

Dr. Jonathan Huber is known for expert hair transplants with natural looking results. Trust Dr. Huber and the team at Toronto Hair Transplant Centre to communicate all your options and choose the hair transplant that best suits you.

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Meet Dr. Jonathan Huber

Dr. Jonathan Huber graduated from Queen’s University Medical School in Kingston, Ontario, in 2006, after which he completed a five-year surgical residency.

He has been a Royal College-certified surgeon since 2011, and is a current Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada.

Since February 2018, Dr. Huber has been training under Dr. Robert Jones, a pioneer of the follicular unit extraction technique and one of the most well-respected hair restoration physicians in the world.

Dr. Huber has completed nearly 100 hair restoration procedures to date, more than some established hair restoration doctors do all year!

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