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Hair has enormous cultural significance and can play an outsized role in people’s self-confidence and how they feel about their appearance. The first step in understanding why hair loss happens is to know a little bit about how hair follicles work.

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TECH & NEWS Understanding Hair Loss and its causes

Stem Cells And Hair Loss

Self-image has become highly prioritized among society. Everywhere we turn we face…Read More

Innovations In Hair Loss Treatments

Hair has enormous cultural significance and can play an outsized role in people’s …Read More

LaserCap For Hair Loss

Dr. Jones is now carrying the Capillus LaserCap, which is the world’s first, clinically…Read More

Instant Hair Fibers For Hair Loss

Instant Hair is an all-natural hair loss solution. And let’s face it, hair loss can be tough…Read More

Hair Loss Products That Actually Work

When it comes to hair loss, every guy wants to know exactly which products work and …Read More

Using Keratin Fibers For Hair Loss

Thinning or losing hair can definitely not be a pleasing experience to go through in a lifetime…Read More

New Research On Baldness Cure

Interesting Huff Post article about advances in baldness research. “No one is claiming a…Read More

Is Cloning The Next Thing In Hair Loss Treatments?

Seems like we are getting closer and closer in the battle against baldness and hair loss towards…Read More

Why Men Care About Hair Loss

For a lot of men, losing their hair doesn’t just affect their self-esteem but it can also become…Read More

“Really great clinic. Dr. Jones is the best hair transplant doctor in toronto. The work they provided me was of value and im very satisfied with my results. My only complaint is that they should have more locations because their clinic was a little out of the way for me, but other than that i give an A+ for everything.”

Real Patient Results

Another great result from the team at! Note the increased density across the entire crown of this patient. This result goes from very thin and wispy coverage to a much more dense and full coverage of the crown.

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Blog and News

Hair Transplants Simplified

Hair Transplants Simplified Are you or someone you know considering getting hair transplant surgery? If so, you might be wondering exactly how the procedure is carried out or what the timeline looks like for recovery. You also might be curious to know how long it will...

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Stressed About Hair Loss?

Stress And Hair Loss The modern world sometimes feels like it been specifically designed to cause the people living in it as much stress as possible. Early man probably did have it harder, I mean let's face it if anyone of us had to face down a sabre tooth tiger we’d...

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Protect Your Bald Head From Sun Damage

Protect Your Bald Head From Sun Damage Now that summer has finally hit the western hemisphere, it's time for some fun in the sun! Barbecues at your buddy's place, days at the beach and lounging on your relative's boat with a cold one aren't without their dangers...

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