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Dr. Jones has done fantastic work for me. He corrected the work of doctors before him and Im amazed at how successful the procedure turned out. I may be old school, but I like going to any professional my age. The experience definitely matters. Im forever grateful.

Joey R

Dr. Jones changed my brother’s life! He has confidence and a new sense of self. The quality of work is exemplary in that you would never know my brother had work done. Incredibly impressed.

Rachel Brannan

Really great clinic. Dr. Jones is the best hair transplant doctor in toronto. The work they provided me was of value and im very satisfied with my results. My only complaint is that they should have more locations because their clinic was a little out of the way for me, but other than that i give an A+ for everything.

Jeremy Rogan

Amazing work by Dr. Jones and his team – I just left my barber and he was going on and on about how much my head has changed since my procedure! Its a great feeling 🙂

Daniel Timsted

Dr. Robert Jones is a total pro – he’s been in the hair transplant business for years and was a early pioneer of FUE. I can only recommend him and say that the work simply speaks for itself. Don’t trust your appearance to just anyone, robot or tech. Go with a team with tons of real world experience and a proven track record.

SRQ Club

I haven’t had my hair transplant yet but it is booked. I found this place charged a fair price and the doctor was very professional. The office is also very clean and comfortable – I believe I have chosen the right doctor for my hair transplant and I’m looking forward to the procedure 🙂

Mario Acana

Thanks a million Dr. Jones, PRP turned out great, my hair looks a solid 30% thicker and youre awesome, see you again!

Bryson Candetti

Dr. Jones is really kind. I spoke with him once during my PRP evaluation and found him to be very knowledgeable and attentive. The women at his practice make you feel at home as well, it was a pleasant experience.

Corrine Logan

Dr. Jones is the best!!

I drove up from MTL and had my transplant done, and after a few days at my moms Im going back home and I dont have any pain or anything, its awesome. I had 2700 grafts done and Im stoked to see the end result, I might also end up doing more. The day I came for my transplant my car broke down and i was having the worst day imaginable but dr.jones was so cool i almost totally forgot all about the morning I had. Im so grateful, it was nice to see Ontario and is even nicer to be driving home with more hair!!

Riley Nioli

I really enjoyed my visit with Dr. Jones. Ive decided to do my transplant now in the new year so that I can spend 2017 letting it grow in. He’s a really nice guy and I felt comfortable in his office. Im really excited. Ill write another review when my transplant is done in April!

Jesse Poemer

Im sorry if this review shows up twice i cant figure out how to get it to post

Dr. Jones did my hair transplant in January and i want to leave a review because im so thankful for the work hes done. My hairline looks natural and i wish i would have done this sooner in life. Dr. Jones gave me 2300 grafts to thicken up patchy spots i had and i actually look younger already. The hair is growing slowly but that’s okay – dr jones did a great job.

Tj Evans

I choose Dr. Jones to do my FUE transplant and Im very happy I did. I had lots of questions and he gave me all the answers I never felt like I was alone. Me (and my wife!) love how my hair is turning out. World class work.

Kevin Duflet

I am extremely happy with the work Dr. Jones and his team have done for me. Dr. Jones definitely is a leading expert in his field, professional, caring, resourceful and responsive. His support team is amazing. Thank you Dr. Jones!

Olexandr Nesterenko

I had my procedure done in January 2014. Dr.Jones and his staff were absolutely first class and I’m tremendously happy with the results. It was the best decision I have made to consult with Dr.Jones and move forward with the transplant. I feel great having a fuller head of hair and the staff walks you through every step and makes the process and procedure easily manageable. If you are considering a transplant take the first step and consult with Dr. Jones. You will receive the best information, results and care. Thank you Dr.Jones and your great staff.

Brett C

I can say that Dr. Jones helped me to have a normal life again. After a burn injury I have had lost most of my hair and my left eyebrow and he agreed to do the transplant for me at no cost. It was absolutely generous of him. His work was outstanding and how him and his staff supported me during the process I can not be more thankful. They were all great. Dr. Jones is an professional and one of the best at his field. Therefore look no further, if you were looking for good doctor with great staff as well as good results.

Sina Kiamehr

Im happy I choose Dr. Jones to do my FUE procedure. My transplant went smooth with 3500 grafts and Im happy with the results so far. Im thankful to doctor jones and his team.

Eddie shipman

I had an FUE procedure done about 10 months ago by Dr. Jones and his staff, with great results, my friends who knew I was going in for the procedure are amazed by my new hair and how natural my hairline looks ! This doctor is a true professional with this cosmetic specialty and I would not even consider going to anybody else in the future.

Glenn hancock

I had my procedure in April 2014. I’d wanted do something to handle my thinning hair for many years and was considering a hair transplant, but was too nervous to do so until my family doctor gave me an excellent reference for Dr. Jones.

The day of the surgery all was explained what was going to happen. The staff was very nice and made me feel so relaxed. The doctor was professional, friendly and personable. It made me feel confident about doing it.

I’m glad I went with the FUE method. Over 12 months later and no one can tell that I had anything done it looks so natural and full.

Gerry Litton

I had an excellent hair transplant experience with Dr. Robert Jones and his staff. Dr. Jones accomplished in one day what others want to stretch out over two or even three days (I presume to make more $$$). More importantly, Dr. Jones did it without sacrificing results and maintained that personal touch throughout the entire day with the assistance of his amazing staff.

I never once felt uncomfortable nor did I feel any pain, as Dr. Jones and his staff did a great job of keeping me comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Best of all, I have great results!

In short, my experience with Dr. Robert Jones certainly exceeded my expectations. Simply put, excellent care, excellent results without costing an ‘arm and a leg’. I would highly recommend Dr. Jones to anyone.

Scott Brady

Amazing! The only word to describe Dr.Jones and his staff. They made me feel so comfortable, i was very nervous about the whole thing. So happy i didn’t have to be in a hospital, it made me feel so much more comfortable during the whole thing. So very happy with everything! Thank you so much!

When I was 19 I had went to a hair dressers to dye my hair. Instead I walked out of the salon with two 2nd degree burn spots on my head that within 2 weeks my hair was completely lost in the spots. After a year and a half with no hair growth or signs of it I picked to have an hair transplant. After months of unsuccessful meetings with other hair transplant specialists I finally found Dr. Jones – I have never looked back since!

Update- it’s now been almost 6 months and my hair growth is amazing! After such a traumatic experience with losing my hair it’s so good to feel hair in those spots again! I had little to no pain when I got home or the following days after just a little itching (don’t itch!) defiantly happy with my choice to go with Dr.Jones and would recommend him time and time again. Thank you again!

Merissa Coote

Really experienced doctor, kind of guy you want to have over for dinner. He is funny and very professional, I never doubted for a minute that I wasn’t going to have a great result. And I’m so happy with my choice. I had 3000 graft FUE surgery and paid about $15,000 CAD, way cheaper than it would’ve cost me in the US, even with the travel up to Toronto and accommodation and while there may be other hair transplant doctors as good as Dr. Jones I’m pretty certain there is no one better.

Victor St-Denis

I went to see Dr. Jones about 8 months ago and he completed a transplant of 4000 graft FUE. The first time I went to the clinic I was nervous and did not know what to expect but he answered any questions I had and made me feel comfortable. The day of the surgery everyone was very friendly and helpful. The surgery went very well and 8 months later \i have new hair growth and greater confidence in myself. Thanks to Dr.. Jones and his team!!

Sultan Ahmad

Just had the 3250 FUE experience at Dr. Jones clinic. Finally followed my gut and made the move. Glad I did!! Treat yourself, get it done and stop perusing the HT websites…. I spent years clicking a mouse and hesitating, it’ll make you bonkers(trust me). Dr Jones clinic was everything you’d hope, and expect regarding a delicate procedure like this. Glad I chose an experienced team and everything was done right. Follow up was excellent!!

Jeff Baker

Dr. Jones made me feel extremely comfortable and welcome. He is kind and thoughtful, and is very responsive to questions and concerns. He is exceptionally good at what he does, and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering hair transplant.

Benedict Marsh

At 62, with no immediate plans of retirement, I erred on the side of a full hairline where one once lived decades ago. Clearly,the feedback from my extensive FUE research, held Dr. Jones and team in high regard. Today, exactly twelve months later, I would be remiss if I did not add to the long history of success stories. He and his team explained every step from initial consult to month by month expectations. His technical skills are surpassed only by his knowledge and ever-available support along the way. The backdrop in my pics are no longer seen through the middle of my scalp. Instead, I present a definitive hairline as well as natural fill to the back of my head.
My advice: do it before your dome becomes too pronounced.
Would I do it again – in a heartbeat!
Thank you Dr.Robert Jones and Team – I’m proud to be your senior poster child!

Ron Zito - New York

Dr Jones is quite simply the Best that there has ever been in the field of Hair Transplants. After a considerable amount of research and Investigation I made an appointment to meet Dr. Jones and was not disappointed , from the moment you engage in conversation with him you will realize that he is the Leader in his field with all other Doctors trying to learn his techniques. Don’t trust anyone else with complicated and sensitive surgery such as this.

Iwona Grygoruk

Dr. Jones and his staff are excellent, friendly, and professional. A few years ago I went to get a procedure done to help fix my thinning hair. What was done looks fantastic and any cuts from the surgery are either healed or cant see them anymore. I’m very happy with the work that he and his team did for me.


Dr. Jones helped me find alternatives to expensive surgery, and they have worked well. He is professional and his staff is very helpful. I would highly recommend his practice to others.

Carl N

I started doing this at age 19, 22 years later I found Dr. Jones . Now a few years ago, it was the best decision I ever made to go to Canada. Not only are the people in his office fantastic, Dr. Jones is by far the best Fue Doctor out there. If you want your hair back this is the only solution. The recovery time is so minimal the only question you will have is why did I wait so long to come here!!! I had several scars that he fixed, I had the hairline recreated whichs looks so natural!! I will return to just thicken other areas. The longer u wait, the longer u will hate looking at what brought us here in the first place…

Robert Farkas

I have had three STRIP and one FUE from Alvi Armani over the last decade with thoughts of having a follow up procedure for a few years now. Upon deciding that it was time, I came to find out that Dr. Armani no longer does the procedure in Toronto. Not wanting to leave the country, I did my research and found out about Dr. Jones. I contacted him, set up a consultation, and after some delays on my end I got to meet with him a few months later. When I met Dr. Jones, he struck me as very professional and personable. I felt very comfortable and reassured in my choice, even when more delays on my end came up. Dr. Jones and his receptionist Pamela helped me greatly in scheduling the operation on time. The communication with Dr. Jones and his staff was excellent. In spite of amazing results from Dr. Armani, I always had a hard time getting to speak with him myself, having to go through his army of consultants which I’m led to believe caused miscommunications on key graft placements, Dr. Jones assured me this wouldn’t be the case with him. On the day of the operation, Dr. Jones and his staff were very punctual and right before my operation took place, Dr. Jones handed me a mirror and TOGETHER we mapped out the graft placement, which was a big deal for me that he was indeed a man of his word. Everything went according to plan, and before I left Dr. Jones provided me with his personal contact information and ensured me that I could contact him at any time with any concerns or questions. That is something that I haven’t experienced very often with many doctors. Once again, the level of communication and professionalism with Dr. Jones and his staff was excellent. When I got home, I looked over the placement of the grafts and it was perfect! There’s no other way to describe it. I am extremely happy with the results, even though I’m still healing. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone needing or thinking of having a hair transplant to contact Dr. Jones and his team.

Metal Man

Great communication and care! I’m very happy with my results.

Philip Jones

Awesome doctor! A pleasure to work with and a real pioneer in his field…

Steve Schadt

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