The Ultimate Guide to FUE Hair Transplants – Part 3: How FUE works

Hair loss myths exposed

  • What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the two main types of hair transplant procedure performed today – the other being FUT. In an FUE procedure, units of follicles are taken from the back and sides of the head and transplanted to the thinning areas.

  • The procedure

FUE is a very delicate procedure and therefore must be performed by someone with a lot of skill and experience. In order to extract the units from the back of the head, a combination of a sharp punch and dull punch is used. The sharp punch is first used to score the skin around the unit that’s going to be extracted. The dull punch is then used to go deeper into the surrounding soft tissue of the follicular unit.

The reason that both a sharp and punch and a dull punch are used is to retain the quality of the follicles. If a sharp punch was used to score the skin then it could easily sever the underlying unit. Once the unit has been separated from the surrounding soft tissue, the follicles can then be extracted.

The small holes that are left in the back of the head typically take a few days to heal and the scars that are left behind are usually invisible to the human eye.

  • The advantages of FUE 
  • No visible scarringPerhaps the biggest benefit of FUE is that it doesn’t leave any visible scar. There are tiny scars where the hair is extracted but they cannot be compared to the scar that’s left behind from an FUT procedure.
  • Ideal for early stage hair lossFUE is great for patients that are in the early stages of hair loss since less coverage is required and the best quality follicles can be used.
  • Great for patients who wish to shave their headNot everyone who gets a hair transplant wants to grow their hair long. With an FUE procedure, you have the option to either grow your hair or shave your head. Because there’s no visible scarring, you can shave your head without feeling self-conscious.
  • Completely natural looking resultsFUE hair transplants provide completely natural looking results thanks to the refined techniques that are used to extract and transplant the hair.
  • Less invasive than FUTAnother thing that makes FUE more appealing to a lot of guys is that the process is less invasive. With an FUT procedure, a strip of skin is cut from the back of the head. With FUE, it’s a much more delicate and less invasive process.

FUE Infographic

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