The Ultimate Guide to FUE Hair Transplants – Part 4: Results to expect and aftercare

toronto hair transplantIn the last part of our ultimate guide to FUE transplants, we looked at exactly how FUE works. In this part we’re looking at the results you can expect to achieve as well as aftercare steps to follow.

  • Results to expect
    • One of the primary things that guys wonder about when considering an FUE hair transplants is the results they can expect to achieve. This can be a hard question to answer because it varies on a patient-to-patient basis. It also depends on the expectations that a patient has. In the vast majority of cases, an FUE hair transplants procedure will provide much greater coverage than there was previously.
      It’s important to point out though, that a full, thick head of hair with no receding hairline is not possible for all patients. The level of coverage you can get will depend on the severity of your baldness as well as the quality of the donor hair. The best way to find out what results you can expect is by booking a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon. They’ll be able to fully assess your current level of balding and provide you with a realistic idea of the results you should expect.


  • Aftercare
    • Because FUE hair transplants is a delicate procedure, there are certain aftercare steps you must take in order to ensure the new hair beds in properly. Below are some of the main aftercare steps that most surgeons recommend –

      • Sleep in a semi-upright positionThe reason this is important is because it will prevent swelling but also help the donor area to help quicker. It also prevents any rubbing against the area where the hair has been transplanted.
      • Avoid excessive sweating for the first few daysSweating – either caused by extreme temperatures or exercise – can affect how well the new hair takes place. This is why it’s usually recommended that patients try to avoid any situations that would cause excessive sweating for the first few days after surgery. Contact sports should also be avoided for the first week or so following surgery.
      • Wash hair with baby shampooRegularly shampoo can be quite harsh on your scalp, which is the last thing you want immediately after you’ve had an FUE procedure. Baby shampoo is designed to be very gentle and therefore is ideal for using in the first couple of weeks after your procedure.
    About the Author
    Dr. Jones is recognized worldwide as in innovator in hair transplant technique. One of the earliest adopters of FUE, Dr. Jones has amazing experience and a reputation for results. Use the form below to ask Dr. Jones your questions and send photos from your mobile phone for a no cost consultation.

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