Top 10 reasons that affect the cost of hair transplantation

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Let’s take a deep dive to explore what factors attribute to the costs associated with hair transplants…

  • First of all, hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure and most cosmetic procedures are expensive.OP4

Your hair loss pattern is unique and so your treatment needs to be customized based upon your hair loss situation. Moreover, insurance does not cover the costs of costmetic procedures. The physician will have to take the time to assess your baldness pattern and recommend the right choice of procedure that will suit you ideally.

  •  More than 1 session of hair transplant will be required depending on your hair loss pattern.

Multiple sessions of hair transplants are usually required for patients for good results. Remember that hair loss will still continue to progress even after you underwent the hair transplant.

  • Since hair restoration procedure needs to be done procedurally and thoroughly, it is best in your own interest to get the procedure done from a reputed surgeon such as Dr.Jones.case3

Quality comes with a price. The repute and the expertise and experience of the surgeon in the field counts a lot, as you are entrusting the surgeon with the responsibility of providing you an improved self esteem and personality.

  • Time consuming procedure involving recovering the hair grafts and then implanting the grafts where hair growth is minimal or has stopped completely.

Hair transplant surgery requires quite a lot of time for the procedure depending on the number of grafts to be extracted and then implanted. The time factor and the reason that the procedure should be performed meticulously and quickly (due to the fact that the extracted grafts have a short survival time) contribute to a higher price.

  • Pricing depends on the type of procedure used. Generally FUE is an expensive procedure, but well worth it for it has proven results. Neograft FUE is also an expensive procedure compared to regular FUE.

Higher the experience and exposure to more cases, higher the costs of hair transplants performed by the surgeon

Other factors include –

  • Equipment costs for the procedure – The more sophisticated and latest technologies involve higher costs than costs associated with outdated techniques
  • Staff and labor costs involved with the procedure
  • Complexity of the hair transplant such as Primary / Secondary / Tertiary transplant
  • The number of grafts that are transplanted – The higher the number of grafts required, higher the costs, though most clinics use a sliding scale to charge patients based upon the grafts.

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