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When it comes to hair transplant results, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. With this in mind, below are the top 10 case studies for patients that Dr Jones has operated on. Each patient received roughly 3000 grafts.

1. Below you see a 35 year old male who received 2500 grafts to his hairline. The after picture is 2 years after surgery and as you can see the results are incredibly natural.


2. Here are the results achieved through 3300 grafts that were applied to the crown of a 61 year old male. The results shown in the picture on the right were 1 year after surgery.


3. In the patient below, 3000 grafts were used to achieve the thicker hair in the crown. The patient was 56 years old at the time of surgery and you can see the results 14 months after the transplant was performed.


4. Here you can see how a completely new hairline was reconstructed for the patient that retains a natural look. 2400 grafts were used and the picture on the right shows the results after 9 months.


5. Here are the results that were achieved using 2700 grafts on a 35 year old male after one year. The overall thickness of the hair was greatly improved, as was the hairline.


6. Below are the results achieved using 3000 follicular units. The improvement in the hairline is very apparent.


7. Here are the results after 6 months for a 35 year old male who received 300 grafts. The appearance of the hair is much thicker thanks to the reconstructed hairline.


8. Below are the results achieved using 3000 grafts on a 40 year old male. After just 8 months the results are remarkable with a much improved level of thickness all over the scalp.


9. Here are the results of 3000 grafts on a 50 year old man after 1 year. The thickness of the hair is much improved as you can see.


10. Overall thickness is much improved compared to before the operation.


Dr. Robert Jones

Dr. Robert Jones is recognized worldwide as an innovator in hair transplant techniques. He is a medical professional whose commitment to providing a high-quality surgical outcome is paramount.

He has been practicing medicine ever since earning his degree in 1979 from McMaster University’s Department of Medicine. He also took continuing education courses in cosmetic laser surgery at both Harvard and Loyola Universities.

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