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Another amazing result from the team at Dr. Robert Jones. This patient got much more fullness in the temple and crown. The video really shows the thickness that was achieved in spots that were previously almost hairless. It’s also worth noting that this case in relatively recent and people get great results as the hair comes in – sometimes much more quickly than anticipated. Are you considering a hair transplant? Give us a call or send in some photos with the form below. I’ll happily discuss your options and give you some great advise you can use. Don’t live with hair loss – discover solutions today.


Dr. Robert Jones

Dr. Robert Jones is recognized worldwide as an innovator in hair transplant techniques. He is a medical professional whose commitment to providing a high-quality surgical outcome is paramount.

He has been practicing medicine ever since earning his degree in 1979 from McMaster University’s Department of Medicine. He also took continuing education courses in cosmetic laser surgery at both Harvard and Loyola Universities.

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