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Why Choose Our Clinic?

We pride ourselves on having a warm and welcoming environment with state-of-the-art equipment, and it’s our pleasure to help people from all across the world restore their confidence – if you want to know more about your hair restoration options, come see us. You’ll feel right at home.

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Check Out Our Toronto Hair Transplant Practice! familiarize yourself with our layout before you come in.

Dr. Jones is happy to share these photos of the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre in Oakville, Ontario!

Dr. Jones builds hair transplants that look totally natural and the new hairs are strong, healthy and alive; they continue to grow and thrive after surgery. Dr. Jones’ refined technique allows for the new transplants to be virtually undetectable.

To book a consultation at our clinic, email or reach out to us on our contact page.

Our Successful Case Studies


4000 Graft Strip Surgery – Amazing 5 Month Result!

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3500 Grafts – Another Great Result From The Team At

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2500 Graft Strip Surgery – 42 Year Old Male – 1 Year Post Op

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For Out-of-Town Patients

If you live outside of Toronto and you are considering hair transplant surgery, we invite you to investigate the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre. Many patients worldwide travel to Dr. Jones because of his reputation and incredible hair transplant surgery results. Although we recommend speaking with local hair transplant surgeons available to you in your city as well, we also stress that selecting the right surgeon should set precedence over convenience.

Phone and Online Consultations With Dr. Jones

Realizing the costs involved with traveling to the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre, we recommend that we first evaluate your hair loss condition as best as possible over the phone and online. This period is also your opportunity to evaluate Dr. Robert Jones and his approach to hair transplant surgery and the overall care and attention he provides his patients. We are confident you will be impressed.

After your consultation with Dr. Robert Jones, should you elect to proceed with scheduling a hair transplant surgery with the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre, you may be eligible for reimbursement of some of your travel expenses. Please contact our clinic for more details.

Use our virtual tour to see our practice before you come in! Check out the whole modern and clean facility from the comfort of your chair, couch or cellphone. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with our layout and see that you’re going to a first-rate medical facility.

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I can say that Dr. Jones helped me to have a normal life again. After a burn injury, I had lost most of my hair and my left eyebrow and he agreed to do the transplant for me at no cost. It was absolutely generous of him. His work was outstanding and he and his staff supported me during the process. I cannot be more thankful. They were all great. Dr. Jones is a professional and one of the best in his field. Therefore, look no further, if you are looking for a good doctor with a great staff as well as good results.


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1,200 follicular units to crown in one session

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